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Camelia Suit (Gold - MBP6G)

RM 49.00

friends for a coffee. Paired with matching pants, expertly cut for a flattering silhouette and finished with a crisp crease down the center. This ensemble effortlessly combines timeless style with contemporary sophistication, making it a must-have for the discerning individual with an eye for sartorial finesse.


Material: Cey Crepe



• Ironless and wrinkle-free

• Comfortable and easy to move 

• Suitable for office attire and casual outings



• Round neckline

• Front zip (10") and breastfeeding friendly

• Right front pocket

• Half length dress

• Fully stretchable waistband for pants

• Free Size (suitable from XS to XXL)

• Available in 7 colors


Disclaimer: products may be slightly different due to lighting. Size measurement may vary +/- 5% from the actual product.



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